Rice delivering to Male'

Thai Wok Select

temporarily closed 9891601
Salad Rice Noodles Thai Food

Pilawoos Restaurant

Free Delivery 3010037
Seafood Chicken Burger Fish Pasta Rice Noodles Pizza Submarine

Pita Pan

Free Delivery 3312882
Pasta Rice Noodles Breakfast Soup Indian Ramadan

KOKO Bay Fast Food

Free Delivery 3333516
Rice Noodles Indian Kotthu


temporarily closed 3315000
Chicken Burger Rice Sandwich


Free Delivery 3329944
Rice Noodles Submarine Indian Kotthu

The Pickles Restaurant

Free Delivery 7979292
Salad Seafood Chicken Burger Fish Pasta Rice Noodles Submarine Ramadan

HAWS Eatery

Free Delivery 9903839
Seafood Fish Pasta Rice Noodles Dessert

Bread Matters Gallery

Free Delivery 3350841
Chicken Burger Fish Pasta Rice Noodles

Casa Café

Free Delivery 3016740
Pasta Rice Noodles Maldivian

The Space

Free Delivery 7337700
Burger Pasta Rice Noodles Mexican Pizza Maldivian

Rock Chamber

Free Delivery 9703833
Pasta Rice Noodles Breakfast Maldivian